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Johnny Appleseed probably made his own man purse.

I'm just saying.  If Johnny Appleseed truly ever existed, I'm sure he sewed up his very own special man purse.  This murse would be specifically designed to faciliate the distribution of apple seeds while one dutifully saunters about the nation spreading apple-riffic joy (and probably religious pamphlets too.)

This post is an ode to the hand-made diy man purse.  The greatest thing about a murse you make yourself is that you can customize it to fit whatever odd thing-a-muh-jig you choose to carry around.  And I, of all people, know you carry strange things around in your man purse.

Like a gun.  No joke.

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The Art of Man Purse Analysis

Okay man-purse lovers, are you ready for the results of the 'Inside Simeon's Man Purse' contest? The winner was Courtney who suspected that he had a book, and a wallet! Great job, Courtney--you really have Simeon figured out!

Below are the juicy bits of details I'm sure you've been waiting for. By studying the contents of a pickup artist's man purse, perhaps we will all gain further insight into the complex art of seduction! (Is it possible that man purse analysis is an art in it of itself)

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Vote for Luke Guldan!

I will soon be posting the results of Simeon's Man purse, but here's a sneak preview of the upcoming post on Luke Guldan, host of :

Why don't you check out his video feature and vote for him at the above link? It looks like the contest is ending soon, so get your votes in ASAP!  I'm really looking forward to writing up his interview!


Christina (a.k.a. The Mursenary)


How to carry all your gear? Get a 'grip'.



Can it be? The elusive 'grip' (aka the man-clutch)

Name:  Adam Jackson

Age:  23

Sign:  Virgo

Occupation:  Writer & Consultant

Location:  Startup Weekend in San Francisco

Hometown:  St. Augustine, Florida




I have to admit: I did not spend this weekend writing a new post for “What’s In Your Man Purse.” Instead, the Always Hungry Husband and I spent a three-day weekend at sfCUBE for the Women2.0-sponsored “Startup Weekend” event! (To anybody following my Twitter feed, this is not news.  By the way, I am so loving Twitter.  Does this make me twitterpated? And I thought it wasn't going to happen to me.)  Naturally, once I arrived at this event, one of the first things I did was try to locate some geek chic in the form of a man purse. In fact, here is my first tweet of the night:

#sw20sf Scoping out the laptop bags at startup weekend. Will tweet if I find any man purse treasures!

Immediately after posting I saw that this had been tweeted just a moment before by someone with the handle of  @adamjackson:

adamjackson Heads up: If you're a single guy in SF. Head to #sw20sf it's a 4:1 ratio of talented geeky women. Woot!

Correction: talented & HOT geeky women. #sw20sf 4 days ago from Tweetie

Who was this cheeky tweeter?  I couldn’t resist replying with my own sassy tweet: 

manpurse To all the men checking out the hot geek girls at #sw20sf. I am checking YOU out (that is, your man purses.) How's THAT for Women 2.0?

Please keep on reading!

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Simeon: The Man Purse of a Pickup Artist

Simeon "kino-escalates" with my 'What's In Your Man Purse?' business cards.

Name:  Simeon Moses

Occupation:  Bartender/Pickup Artist

Age: 28 at the time of the interview, though he just turned 29.

Zodiac Sign:  Leo

Hometown:  "It's complicated -- Home is where my ass is."


(Okay, so it's been over a month since my last post.  I'm sorry.  But this contest will definitely make up for it.  I've got a lot more coming up, too!)

I LOVE VH1's The Pickup Artist. I really do. I've seen both seasons one and two, and am ready for a season three. Can you imagine my surprise when I showed up as a background actor to the set of independent film, 'In World War' and recognized the most recent winner of one of my most favorite reality shows, ever? (Other favorite reality shows include Millionaire Matchmaker, the first season of Making the Band and Project Runway, of course.) Can you imagine my glee when I noticed that he was also sporting a pretty decent man purse? I was bit overcome, really.

I'm fairly new to this background acting thing and didn't expect to recognize anyone remotely recognizable in this local production, and I just didn't have a plan for how to react for such a double whammy. So I chilled out a bit, and just took some time to make sure that it was really Simeon from 'The Pickup Artist Season 2' (it was.) And I thought to myself, how random that just a few weeks ago I was watching him win this reality show on TV (well, on the iMac since we hardly ever watch things on the TV anymore) and now here he was standing in front of me.  I kept thinking to myself, 'Is he going to try and pickup on someone HERE?', 'Is he going to be totally different in person, than from the show?', 'Should I tell him that I recognize him?', 'Will I get an opportunity to interview him for the blog?'

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