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The ULTIMATE Man Purse?

eVolve Gadget Holster 2.0 - The ULTIMATE man purse?!Shame on engadget for even suggesting that this abomination might be considered a man purse.  This is clearly a holster.  I would categorize it as a peripheral before calling it a fashion accessory.  I don't know who is buying this sort of thing so that they'd actually bother making a version 2.0, but they might as well just be honest with themselves and go around wearing a Han Solo costume. 

This man makes a holster actually look good.Or they can go full geek, and don something like this:

Hey, you've got a Wookie on your back!All joking aside, if you want a man purse but don't want to be actively carrying one, why not try a waist bag?  You know, a fanny pack?  They made somewhat of a comeback in 2007, and there are a few nice designs out there still.

Consider one of these:


Burberry Check Fanny Pack


So what do you think?