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What Glorious Items Might Fabio Hold Captive?

Amazing - it's a tie! We could not decide whether Fabio would carry the very ruggedly chic Ellington bag, or the Tiger bag... Personally, I'm surprised no one chose the first bag which looked perfect for romantic picnics and beach getaways.

Like Hannah Montana, he's got the best of both worlds. Anyhow, assuming that Fabio might carry both of those bags (let's imagine that he carries the Ellington bag during the day, and the tiger bag at night,) what glorious items might Fabio hold captive?

I'm going to give three for now…

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Murse Matchup:  FABIO!

Guest blogger "The Always-Hungry Husband" here! Today, as our Head Mursenary prepares for a weekend satchel safari, it is my privilege to peruse the Submit-A-Man archives and present to you a Fantasy Four that breaks with tradition not only in its authorial composition, but also in its conspicuous lack of last names.

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen (and probably a lady again): Fabio.

Thank you Akila for suggesting Fabio to our Submit-A-Man. While he’s never been spotted with a man purse to our knowledge, it’s clear that a man of such prodigious accomplishments must have an appropriate accessory both for the carrying of things, and, um, the looking of good. A metaphor, for your consideration: just as ol’ ‘sinistra e destra’ form the strong foundation of a triumphal Viking conquest-pose, so must Fabio’s manbag maintain the perfect balance of rugged masculinity and feminine sensibility that has made Fabio the undisputed king of romance.

Well, I guess, technically the title of "King of Romance" is disputed by one Englebert Humperdinck, but I don’t think this will become a dispute of or anything. Anyway – on to the show!

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Fantasy Four: David Beckham

Updated on by Registered CommenterWhat's In Your Man Purse?

Both David and Victoria "Posh" Beckham are well known for their lavish and controversial purse-carrying lifestyle. An icon of metrosexual style, many point to the adonis-like footballer as the leader of the man purse revolution. So of course, is happy to feature David Beckham and his many man purses. reader (and my sister), Bernadette, eagerly submit a profile for Becks through the Submit-A-Man form. Here's her Fantasy Four:



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Fantasy Four: Zac Efron

Zac Efron With Beefy Brown Leather Man Tote and Bonus Man Pony Tail

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Fantasy Four: Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman With Sleek, Yet Rugged, North South Man Messenger

Okay here are my guesses:

1. A photo of his adorable daughter.
2. A copy of People's 2008 Sexiest Man Alive edition. Wouldn't you?
3. A beard trimmer. He has, afterall, been labelled an "Hirsute Hero", and is rapidly bringing back the beard to the mainstream with hordes of admirers.
4. Anti-Perspirant (because apparently, according to Nicole Kidman, Australian men are a different breed and sweat more than the other breeds of men.)

What do you think?